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Tattoo Prodigies 2 with Aaron Bell FeatureHenning Jorgensen Tribute book featuring work by Aaron and RokLost at Sea book featuring artwork by Aaron BellBook by Kiwi MattTotal Tattoo 7 page feature on Kiwi MattFreshly Inked Magazine Sept. 2014 featuring 5 page interview with Aaron BellFlash Tattoo Masters
 featuring Aaron BellTotal Tattoo
 July 2014 7 page feature on Aaron BellTattoo Magazine  
8 page feature on the Wallingford shopTattoos Down Under 
Tattoos Down Under 8 page feature on Kiwi MattIreland Tattoo Artists  
2013 Yearbook 
cover artwork by Aaron BellInkslingers Under Huden  Danish Book with 8 page feature on Aaron BellInked Magazine 
March 2013 Ballard Shop FeatureEight Arms of Inspiration (Book)  
Featuring tattoos and paintings from artists at both the Ballard and Wallingford shopsBound by Honor: A Tribute to Black & Grey Flash 
Featuring flash and tattoos by Aaron (2013Aaron Bell Vol. 2(Book)
 Japanese Tattoo Designs and Sketches Vol. 2 (available in our online store)Aaron Bell Vol. 1(Book)
 Japanese Tattoo Designs and Sketches Vol. 1 (available in our online store)Cranial Visions (Book)  
Featuring artwork and tattoos by Aaron BellBlack & Grey's Finest (Book) 
Featuring artwork by Aaron BelPlanet Ink (Book) 
Featuring artwork, tattoos, and interview by Aaron Bell (eight pages)2012 The End is Here (Book)

Featuring fine art by Aaron BellAnimal Ink (Book)

Featuring tattoos by Aaron BellTattoo Extremities (Book)
featuring tattoos by Aaron BellTätowier Magazin  
February 2011 7 page feature on Aaron BellTattoo Flash  
September 2010 10 page feature on Honest JonTattoo Magazine 
10 page feature on Slave to the NeedleFannatic Magazine
Interview with Aaron BellTattoo Prodigies (Book)
2 page feature on Aaron BellCoquille or be Killed (Book)  
Featuring art by Aaron and John FitzgeraldScandanavian Tattoo Magazine  
10 page feature on Aaron BellSkin&Ink cover

by Aaron BellTattoo Artist Magazine
Cover Illustration and 25 page feature on Aaron BellScratch Art (Book) 
featuring artwork by Aaron BellInside the Tattoo Circus (Book)  
Featuring Slave to the Needle (both locations), and art by Aaron Bell www.thetattoobook.comWe are Tattoo (Book) Published by Japan's Tattoo Burst, featuring artwork by Aaron BellTattoo mode (Japanese Tattoo Book)  
Featuring tattoos by Aaron Bell, Andrea Ottlewski, and Chris Thompson.Tarot Book  
Aaron BelSkull Project Book 
 Aaron BellTattoo 
 September 2007 4 page feature on Aaron BellTattoo 
September 2007 10 page feature on Slave to the NeedleTattoo Flash  
May 2007 Cover Model by Aaron BelTattoo Burst (Japan)  
July 2007 6 page feature on Aaron BellTotal Tattoo  
May 2006 Featuring “Aaron Bell's Amazing Paintings”Total Tattoo  
March 2007 9 page feature on Aaron BellTattoo Life  
Cover tattoo by Aaron BellSkin & Ink  
Cover illustration by Aaron BellTattoo Magazine  
Oct 2005 8 page article by Aaron Bell on the Milan convention in ItalyFlash Mag  
5 page supplement of artwork by Aaron BellTattoo Flash  
#71 Sept 2005 Feature on AndreaBallard News Tribune Dec 14, 2005 Feature article on Aaron and MelissaScandanavian Tattoo  Magazine:Flash Special 2005 
Featured Flash artist Aaron Bell cover and centerfoldTattoo Design Book
Featuring The Artwork of Aaron BellFlash Magazine  
May 2005 12 Page Feature on AaronNordic Tattoo Life  
#5 6 Page Feature on AaronSkin and Ink  
January 2005 cover art by Aaron Bell Part one of Aaron's Japan article.Skin and Ink 
 February 2005 Part two of Aaron's Japan articleTattoo Burst  (Japanese Mag)
 January 2004, #17 10 page feature on Aaron BellTattoo Magazine
  February 2004, #174 10 page feature on shopPain Magazine  
January 2004, #20 3 Page Shop FeatureThe Sketchbook
  Featuring The Artwork of Aaron BelTattoo energy 
 #29 8 Page feature on Aaron BellElectric Tattooing By Men  1900-2004 
Featuring Aaron Bell, and John FitzgeraldSkin & Ink
  July 2003 Cover Illustration by Aaron Bell 10 page feature on Aaron BellTattoo Industry
  December 2002 Special Feature: Aaron Bell's step by step process for flash artSkin & Ink  
September 2002 Cover Illustration by Aaron BellTattoo Magazine  Supplement 2002 
Featuring Aaron Bell in "Dream Team"Tattoo Road Trip  'The Pacific Northwest' 2002 
8 page feature on Aaron BellTatowier Mag  March 2001 (German Magazine) 
8 page feature on Aaron BellSavage Magazine  
Jonathan Gilbert FeatureNational Tattoo  2000-2001, #4 
3 page feature on Aaron BellTattoo Revue 
2000, #82 8 page feature on shopTattoo Revue  #61 
9 page feature on shopTattoo Magazine  April 1999, #116 
5 page feature on shopWEST MEMPHIS 3 vs. freedom  
A benefit for the WM3 legal defense fund. Artwork by : Aaron Bell, and Josh Schwegel,Rebel Ink  
Jonathan Gilbert Feature