Piercing Policies

Slave to the Needle Policies

Piercing at our Ballard Shop


  • Hours and appointments:

We have a piercer on shift at the Ballard shop from 11am to 11pm every day. Piercing starts at 11am and we take our last walk-in for the day at 10:15pm and we take appointment until 10:30pm


  • Minor piercing policy:

For individuals under 18 we will do certain ear/body/facial piercings with a parent/legal guardian PRESENT with proof of age and legal guardianship. The easiest way to do this is if both the parent and minor have valid state issued IDs (Drivers license, State ID, Passport or Military ID, etc.) with matching last names and addresses.

If your last names or addresses don’t match we will need you to bring something to prove the relationship like an official birth certificate, insurance cards or court papers. If the minor doesn’t have a state issued ID we also take a current school ID, current yearbook, etc. along with one of the documents listed above.

We offer piercing to the fallowing ages:

Earlobes- 8 years and older

Nostril, Septum and Eyebrow- 14 years and older

Navel, Helix, Tragus, Conch, lip- 16 years and older

Other ear piercings, Tongue, Nipples, Genital and Surface piercings- 18 years and older

  • Jewelry Standard:

Jewelry for initial piercings

Jewelry for initial piercing must meet industry and APP standards. Therefore piercings may only be preformed with the following materials.

  • ASTM F136 Titanium
  • ASTM F67 Commercially pure titanium
  • ASTM F138 Stainless steel
  • Pure niobium
  • 14k-18k solid gold that is free of nickel and alloyed to be biocompatible
  • Platinum
  • Lead free glass/quartz glass

Jewelry for initial piercings must also have a mirror polish free of scruffs, scratches, nicks and any surface debris or polishing compound. Threaded jewelry must be internally threaded. Flared jewelry must be single flared with an o-ring to secure the piece. Rings must have a secure captive of fixed bead. Jewelry with no backing like a nostril screw or septum retainer that has an angle to prevent movement can be used where appropriate. Threadless internal push-pin style barbells are also acceptable. Jewelry with gemstones must be press set and free of glues or adhesives, all gems must be lead free. Piercers at Slave to the Needle will under no circumstances start a piercing with any jewelry that is externally threaded, has a unacceptable polish or finish, is made of a material that is not confidently know and able to be conformed or has a clip style backing.


We reserve the right to refuse to pierce with/ insert any jewelry we don’t feel is appropriate.


Jewelry for stretching healed piercings

Jewelry for initial stretching is the same as the standard for fresh piercings with the addition of high polish single flared stone plugs that may be used at the piercers discretion.


Jewelry for healed piercings

Slave to the Needle offers a wide selection on different materials and style for wear in healed piercings.


Re-using jewelry

Jewelry purchased at Slave to the Needle at an earlier date may be used on the original wearer; we will not put jewelry in anyone that has been worn by anyone else.

If someone would like to bring in jewelry to be sterilized for a fresh piercing we require the jewelry be brought in at least 24 hours ahead of time to inspect, clean and sterilize


  • Drugs and alcohol:

Under no circumstances will we pierce anyone under the influence of alcohol or drugs of any kind. If you feel you need to have a drink please wait until after your piercing to do so.

  • Help and advice:

No matter where you got your piercing our staff is always happy to offer advice and help as needed for problems or just general questions. Feel free to give us a call (206) 789-2618 or drop by the Ballard shop.