Hi, my name is Eli and I have been tattooing professionally since 2011. After moving from Arizona in 2015, I’ve been happy to call Slave to the Needle home. I have experience with most tattoo styles, but have come to focus more on designs that reflect the work I find inspirational. There are too many artists to list, but the impossible perspectives depicted by MC Escher, clever framing and design of Alphonse Mucha, and lifelike illustrations of Norman Rockwell are some of the wells I draw most deeply from. While most of the tattoos I design and execute are black and grey, I do enjoy adding color from time to time. I enjoy tattooing most when I have been given the freedom to design a unique piece, based off your desired concept. Problem solving is one of my strengths, so make your money count and trust me to design your tattoo from scratch, rather then asking me to mime someone else’s tattoo.

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