For your curiosity, I was raised in a garden in Boulder, CO with the Flatirons as my wallpaper. I have been tattooing since the late 1990s but have been drawing since I was in diapers. From a very young age I was encouraged to express myself through art. This encouragement not only led me to explore lots of different art mediums but it also taught me to communicate through illustration. That, I feel is the most important skill I bring to my clients. The ability to listen, take in, and tell their story through my illustrations is my favorite part of tattooing. I mostly work in a style that leans heavily on Asian influenced motif and design. I’ve found that I can easily convey thoughts, feelings and stories best in this style. That being said, I have been tattooing for a long time and can work in a number of different tattoo styles proficiently. I really enjoy a good challenge. Bring me your ideas, cover-ups, and challenging projects that others told you were impossible, and let’s see what we can come up with. Love and Respect

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