Please DO:

– Bring a valid state issued photo ID. No pictures or copies!

– Under 18? Bring a parent/guardian with you. Both you and your parent must have a state issued photo ID with matching last names and addresses.

– Don’t have matching last names and addresses? Take a look at our piercing policies for options or give us a call.

– Look at our age/paperwork requirements. Different piercings have different requirements, please read our piercing policies if the appointment is for a minor.

– Eat something within 4 hours of your appointment and wear clothing that allows access to the area we are piercing.

– Arrive 10 minutes before your appointment time to check in.

Please DON’T:

– Book a SEPTUM, LARGE GAUGE, SURFACE, or a CONNECTED EAR PROJECT (i.e. an industrial) online. Call us at (206) 789-2618 to book an appointment for these piercings.

– Book multiple piercings with separate piercers! Give us a call at (206) 789-2618 to book the appointments you need.

– Book for anyone but yourself or your child. All person’s receiving services must have their own account.