Ballard and Wallingford artists at Portland Tattoo Expo

Aaron, Rok Greg, Andrew and Daniel will be at the Portland Tattoo Expo Oct. 10-12 2014. Being that it’s just a short drive for us, we’ll have lots of shirts and prints available! Stop by the booth and say hello…!ntm-fundraiser/c181d

Also, Aaron has donated a tattooed silicone hand that will be auctioned off to benefit the new Northwest Tattoo Museum  located in Coeur d’Alene Idaho

Aaron and Melissa Bell at the Paris Tattoo Convention

Aaron Bell worked Tin Tin’s fabulous Le Mondial du Tatouage once again this year. The dates were March 7-9th and this sucker was a big one… something like 350 booths of top notch artists!!! If you can scrape together enough cash for a trip to Paris, this definitely is not one to miss!!!


Matt, Cindy, and Clark in New Zealand

Kiwi Matt, Cindy Maxwell, and Clark Kent recently attended the New Zealand Tattoo & Art Festival, making a brief  stop along the way to do a lil skydiving in Fiji, have a few cocktails on the beach, and you know…  (yawn) other boring stuff.

Check out the convention website here…

Aaron, Clark and Kiwi in Long Beach

Aaron Bell, Clark Kent, and Kiwi Matt recently attended the Ink & Iron Festival, tearing it up once again! This show takes place in Long Beach at the Queen Mary, and is a hell of a show. Some of the bands that played this year were Offspring, NOFX, the Dead Kennedys, and Iggy Pop, just to name a few. This event took place June 7-9 2013

Check it out here…

Kiwi and Cindy returning to New Zealand convention Nov. 29-30th 2014

Kiwi Matt and Cindy Maxwell will once again descend upon the sleepy island (is NZ an island?) of New Zealand, where they will unleash their tools and inflict some tattoo badassery on some lucky victims.

New Zealand Tattoo & Art Festival