2015 Holiday Gift Exchange

Our annual holiday event was, as usual, a real inspiration for us all. It was a great reminder of the high level of talent that exists among our crew. We all got together to celebrate and give thanks to another great year while participating in our annual tradition of the White Elephant gift exchange. Many of us went home with some great new works of art to adorn our walls with. Here are a few of the highlights. See more on our Facebook page

a few of the great pieces that were done this year

a few of the great pieces that were done this year

Slave to the Needle celebrates 20 years in Seattle

Gallery Axis in the historic Pioneer Square district of Seattle was the location for this summer’s main event. Aaron Bell started slave to the Needle in 1995. On August 1st, in celebration, Slave to the needle hosted a fully catered party, which coincided with the Slave 20 group art show. Slave 20, made up of 20 resident and guest artists from both Slave to the Needle locations, consisted of and array of full bodysuit and backpiece designs. There were approximately 250 clientele and close friends who came from far and near to help Aaron and Malissa celebrate this milestone. Some of the familiar names in the crowd were Manuel Valenzuela, Jeff Gogue, Bob Tyrrell, Vyvyn Lazonga, Mal from Tokyo, Anna Paige, Bill Funk, and Ms Mikki, who drove her bike up from Portland. Local artists Tim Mcarthy, and Damon Conklin—as well as other Slave to the Needle veterans—stopped by to acknowledge Aaron’s milestone as well. All the artists from Slave To The Needle’s Wallingford and the Ballard Shops came by to view their art on the walls and be an iatrical part of the celebration. Artists like Andrea Ottlewski, Andrew Snowdon, Chris Thompson, Clark Kent, Daniel Charneski, Eli Bischof, Elijah Cole, Greg Colligan, Honest Jon, John Fitzgerald, Jon Gilbert, Josh Martin, Josh Schwegel, Kiwi Matt, Kristjan Olson, Levi Polizin, Lindsey Lawson and Rok were all in attendance. It was a fantastic event! Sunday the out of towners congregated at Aaron and Melissa’s for a barbeque that Manuel Valenzuela and his girlfriend Cresha prepared, and it did not disappoint. Food, leftover kegs, and floating on the lake were a perfect cure for the hangovers. Congratulations to both Aaron and Melissa Bell and the entire Slave to the Needle crew for a job well done. We’ll see you in another 20 years. View event photo album on FB here. —Richard Todd11822838_10153518447299441_759371677007089757_n 11813482_10153518447294441_6840602762130337803_n 11825022_10153520750074441_3529772043698436820_n